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Freelance Estimating for Construction, Bills of Quantities, BQ Production, Builders Taking Off Service

We will talk through the proposed tender with you and make sure we will be able to complete the tender within the time frame, and, more importantly for you, give you a fixed price bid for the cost of preparing the estimate.

Once we agree the above we will obtain from you the tender documents and isolate subcontract packages to send out subcontract enquiries to your preferred subcontractors (this can be done by you in house to reduce costs). We will undertake a site visit and we will make notes of all relevant site information, together with photographic backup.


Depending on the type of tender, i.e. drawings and specification or BoQ, we will produce a take-off for the project using an excel format. This can be either priced by us using your charge out rates for labour or, if you prefer, left blank for you to price.

On completion of the estimate we will attend your office for a tender review, and give a full overview of the project and present a full analysis of the build-up of the estimate for your appraisal. Because of the way we form our spread sheets we will be able to adjust, in real time via a computer, any areas that you feel may need adjustment. We can make global adjustments to rates, material prices and more importantly, expected recovery of overhead and profit at the touch of a button. On completion of the review we will produce a final schedule of works or priced BQ for submission. Should you be successful in your bid we offer our services to attend any post tender client interview/negotiations, hopefully providing a full handover package for your contracts team. This service is provided at an additional daily rate charge.