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Project Management

The project manager's role in a nutshell is the overall responsibility for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project.

The project manager uses the latest techniques and tools to plan, monitor and execute a certain project within the agreed Time, Cost and Quality constraints.

There are 5 key stages during any construction project.

  1. Inception
  2. Design stage.
  3. Pre-Construction or Procurement Stage.
  4. Construction Stage
  5. Post Construction Stage.

There is a different project manager function operating at each stage.

During the Inception Stage, the Project Manager will work with the Client in developing the project brief to understand the Clients primary business aims relating to the project.

During the Design Stage, the Project Manager creates a programme or schedule and monitors the progress of the design team in progress based on specified dates of design developments within the budget given by the Client.

Once finalised, the Project Manager will facilitate the Procurement Stage and evaluate the bid or the tender in terms of the Financial and Technical aspects of the bid. He will also recommend to the client to whom the project contract will be awarded. After awarding the contract, the Project Manager will liaise with the Quantity Surveyor to finalise the agreed Terms of Contract.

In the Construction Stage, the Project Manager acts as the clients authorized representative in administering the contract between the appointed Contractor and the client. The Project Manager will ensure that the project will be finished according to the specifications/design, schedule and budget.

In Post Construction stage, the Project Manager will facilitate the handover of the project and close out issues such as closing of accounts and conducting facilities training until the whole project is taken over by the End User. 

The Project Manager acts as coordinator, mediator, facilitator and contract administrator during the course of the project. Without a project Manager, the Project Team will be in chaos.

The Project Manager protects the interest of each project team member and in particular those of the client. He is the central axis of communication of among Designer, Contractor and the end user.

We will work on construction projects up to £5 million, and the timely appointment of a Project Manager is very worthwhile consideration. At CCPMS Ltd we can offer Project Management facility that will cover all 5 stages of the life of a project, alternatively we can tailor a package which best suit your needs.